“Willow” = willow

Like a willow swaying in the wind, let yourself go with the flow and be who you are.

I feel that many people today are working too hard in their daily lives.

I started Willow with the hope of giving such people an opportunity to take the pressure off their shoulders.

Willow is a relaxing brand that provides experiences (= talismans for the mind) and opportunities to feel and relax with all five senses, so that you can get a little bit of relief from the fast-paced environment.

I hope that many people will be freed from their daily stress and will have an important time to face themselves.

We aim to create a balance between ``peace'' and ``passion'' in the lives of everyone involved with Willow, and create a society where everyone around the world can shine and live ``as they are''.


The brand Willow aims to balance passion and peace in everyone's lives and help them regain their sense of self.

By incorporating Willow's products into your lifestyle, we aim to create a society where everyone can live their lives in their own way.

The Willow Tree

Willow wood is a soft and supple tree.

A hard, strong tree will easily break when a storm hits due to its sturdiness, but a willow tree will sway flexibly as it absorbs the rain and wind even during a storm.

May you be as supple as a willow in any storm.

By spending time with Willow, I hope to experience the joy of facing myself and meeting a new self, and to enrich my life.