A roll-on that gently relaxes your mind and body through its synergistic effect with the scent, making it perfect for when you want to reset your mood, such as between work or during breaks.

Facial sheet mask

Ideal for when you want to improve your skin condition or when you feel that it lacks moisture, firmness, and shine.

Contains CICA ingredients and fruit extracts, making it recommended for those who are concerned about dryness and those who want to start anti-aging care.


Please use it to refresh yourself with its gorgeous scent, or as a relaxing time before going to bed.

It is also recommended when you want to improve your concentration or calm your mind.

PICASSO Tincture

Create a balance between "passion" and "peace" in your daily life.

Relax Brand

Willow is a relaxing brand that supports your daily life in order to guide you to your true self. Enjoy top quality Japanese-made products that give you a chance to relax.

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